Larry “Butch” Danley

Larry Danley was known as one of the best defensive shortstops of his era (1970 to the early-1990s). He played in twelve national tournaments with the Senators, the Flashes, the Flamingoes, the Bandits, the Wild Bunch, and the Demons.

Larry played with three of the greatest teams ever – the Senators, Flashes, and the Flamingoes. These teams won every league they played in. He also played on the Bandits and helped them to a 23-0 season at Washington Park.  Larry was known for his “Signature Wipe”, a move he made whenever he threw a batter out.

After his playing days were over, he began umpiring with Umpires, Inc. He worked thirteen major nationals and countless area leagues at Washington Park, Garfield Park, Forest Park, Clyde Park and at Westchester and Clyde Park for over twenty years. He later became umpire-in-chief with Umpires, Inc.


Larry and his wife, Joanna, have five children – Jauette, Tabatha, Tonio, Selena, and Ashley. They live in Schaumburg, Illinois.