Alvin “The Doctor” Robinzine

Alvin “The Doctor” Robinzine (“Doc”) was known for his white cap and unique pitching style which consisted of various fakes used to keep the batters off balance. Some say he threw a high pitch, but what he actually pitched is called the Hump. Doc was named “The Doctor” by his teammates who admired how he operated on the pitcher’s mound. Doc’s pitching style frustrated many teams.  Opponents would frequently complain to umpires asking … “how many fakes can he make?” and whether he could wear wristbands and tape while pitching. Due to Doc’s pitching style, some leagues even adjusted their pitching rules. Not only was Doc’s success attributed to his unique pitching style, but Doc was a versatile player who could play every position. Doc was feared for his pitching, defense, and clutch hitting. Doc has played on league championship teams spanning over five decades:  70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, and 2010’s.

Doc began his major league softball career in 1974 playing for the Kings on the South side of Chicago at Bensley Park. In 1979, while playing with the World Famous Flamingos, Doc pitched a no-hitter. Doc also played seven positions: left, center, and right fields; shortstop; second base; pitcher; and catcher, helping the Flamingos to win the 1979 Chicagoland World Series of Softball, which was held at Lou Boudreau Stadium in Harvey IL. The Flamingos defeated the Whips 10-8 for the title.

In 1983, while a member of the World Famous Flamingos, Doc compiled a perfect 21-0 pitching record. Doc’s performance aided the Flamingos in winning the Best West Championship, along with titles at Avalon Park, Dawes Park, Rosenblum Park, and the Chicago Metro.

In 1984, while playing on the Flamingos team that included Hall of Famers Billy “Sweet” Johnson, Steve Kirby, Sammy Taylor, Dennis “Punchy” Wallace, and Percy “Bobo” Coleman, Doc was named the Winston Major Sports League Most Valuable Player.

In 1986, while playing with the Gamblers team, Doc pitched and helped the Gamblers win nine straight games, including six in one day. With two outs in the bottom of the tenth inning, Doc delivered the game-winning hit to capture the 1986 Heritage Cup Classic, which was played at the Lou Boudreau Stadium.

Doc was a valuable contributor for the Hall of Fame Senators team. Under the guidance of Hall of Fame Manager Floyd Glover, Doc helped the Senators win championships in various leagues and tournaments, including the Cocktail League and Washington Park.

Doc is known as a legend in the Allstate Softball League, which is played in North Brook, IL at Winkleman Park. Over the years, Doc has led his team to fourteen league titles.

Doc has played in leagues at Avalon Park, Blue Island, Dawes Park, Hamilton Park, Mount Prospect, Franklin Park, Tuley Park, Ogden Park, Washington Park, Grant Park, Columbus Park, Garfield Park and Clyde Park. In addition, Doc played in the Best West League, the Cocktail League, and the Rosenblum Park 75th & Jeffrey League. Doc has been an all-star player and on championship teams in almost every league he has played in.


Doc has played with some of the greatest softball teams of his time, including two Hall of Fame teams: The Senators and The World Famous Flamingos. Other top teams that Doc also played with were The Gamblers, The Gambling Flashes, and The Kings.


Doc has been fortunate to have played with and against some of the all-time greats. Doc’s teammates  consisted of some of the best players to ever play 16-inch softball … Hall of Famers: Billy “Sweet” Johnson,  Hank Kemp, “Wicked Willie Pool” Kemp, Dennis “Punchy” Wallace, Sammy Taylor, Rick “Monday” Ligon, Steve Kirby,  Jesse Mack, Larry “La La” Washington, Drake Jones,  Lee “Donny” Gardner, Henry “Hawk “ Curry and Percy ”Bobo” Coleman.


The Doctor also had the honor to play for Hall of Fame managers Floyd Glover, Lee “Donny” Gardner and Dan Dumas.


Married since 1981, Alvin and his wife Verna Robinzine currently live in Hazel Crest, IL, where they raised their son, Ronnell Robinzine, and their daughter, Chanelle Robinzine.  Doc is honored to be recognized for his softball achievements and earning the distinguished honor of being inducted into the Chicago 16 Inch Softball Hall of Fame.