Joe Jaffe

Little did Joe know as a young kid growing up in the cradle of softball – Forest Park – that he would grow up to be the youngest member of some of the fabled top powerhouse teams of the late 60s and 70s. A fleet-footed player that used his athletic talent to get on base and chase down fly balls, he was an integral part of the Ambro Dukes, Chiefs and finally took his place with the fabled Sobies American Rivet Team from 1975-81. With Sobies, Joe helped bring a championship home, winning the Forest Park Tournament in 1977 – the premier tourney in 1977 and right in his own back yard and town he grew up in. Shooting line drives from the left side of the plate to either gap, Joe with his friendly personality and per-petual smile, was liked by teammates and opposing players alike. Team goals were number one with Joe, but his stellar play hitting 1, 2 or 3 in the lineup earned him MVP of the Forest Park League, all tournament in 1975 state tourney and All Tourney Team with Sobies-Forest Park No-Glove National Team championship in 1977. Joe played in the top leagues in Chicagoland. He roamed the outfield in Kelly, Clarendon, Summit and Forest Park, always contributing to team success with his steady play and blazing speed. Undoubtedly, the best player to ever come from Forest Park, Joe returned to his boyhood buddies to continue in the House league in Forest Park in 1982, proving that you can go back to your roots and go home again. Afitting end to a storied career. Joe and his wife Jeannie live in Elmhurst and have raised two fine sone, Chris and Cory. The name Joe Jaffe will always have a special place in the annals and fields of Forest Park birthplace of the 16-inch Softball