Edward Zaitz

A lifetime batting average of over 600, and his thousand plus homeruns place Edward Zaitz among the great softball hitters of all time. Zaitz began his softball career in 1947 at the age of fifteen, playing for the S&S Bobcats as well as with Swift and Company. In addition to having the ability to play most field positions, Zaitz also achieved an impressive pitching record of 35 and 15. His pitching and batting prowess earned him Most Valuable Player recognition in the Swift and Company League in 1949, the Geske Tournament in 1964 and at the Lake County Tournament. He was instrumental in winning league and tournament championships with the Dr. Carlucci Clowns (two league championships), Mouldy’s Tavern (one tournament and one league title), Tenth Inning Tavern (two league titles), Lakeland (one league and one tournament title) and Antioch State Bank (five league titles). Ed has also played on State Championship teams in Wisconsin as well as Illinois. The lure of the Bobcats eventually called him back and he played with them from 1957 to 1961, when he moved to Wisconsin. In 2001, Ed Zaitz lived in Trevor, Wisconsin with his wife Joan. They have two children; Edward and David, and two grandchildren.