Edward “Juice” Douglas started his
4-decade career at 13 with his family
team the Gypsy Stars in Englewood.
He was an excellent athlete at
Englewood High. After their break
up he joined the Wild Bunch. He was
the MVP of the Black World Series
held at Comiskey Park witnessed by
Mayor Washington. He went on to
play with some of the best teams of
his era including the Flamingoes,
Outcast, B-Athletes, and California
Gold…all Hall of Fame recognized.
At the end of his career the Young
Guns and Buck-Bats. They all won
numerous leagues and tournaments
and he was MVP on a few of those
teams and All-American a few times.
He was an outstanding outfielder
and eventually played 3rd and 2nd.
He and his wife have 8 children so
they can field a team at any time.