Timothy Hauser

Like many other great players, Tim’s career started with playing ball in his Northwest side neighborhood with the Owls. During his 12 years in the majors, “House” played on some of the best teams in the 70s, contributing to numerous titles. Tim worked hard to be a team player on teams he represented, including the Bobcats, Strikers, Runts, American Rivet, Bruins Chiefs, Murders Row and Baggers. His experience included games at Clarendon, Kelly, Windy City, Mt Prospect, Indian Road, James Park and Blue Island. He also had the opportunity to play at World Tournaments in Marshalltown, IA; Harvey, IL; and South Dakota. Two of the highlights of his career included being named All American in 1979 with the Bobcats and again in 1982 with the Runts. Playing Short Center, 3rd Base, 1st Base and Left Field, his bat and defensive versatility in both the outfield and infield were his not-so-secret weapons. He also played in the 12 Inch pro-league with CNA for one year. Injuries forced him to retire in 1982, or he would have played longer. Tim and his wife Janis are proud parents of 3 children, Kambri, Ryan and Tim, as well as 6 grandchildren.