Steven Heinol

Steve Heinol has been playing big ball since the 1970’s. He played the game before he could drive and needed a ride from his dad Dennis to get to his games. He was known to play hard and loves the game with all his heart. Even a heart attack on the field never stopped him as he continued to play as soon as he recovered. He was known to his teammates as Moe, Hien-dog or Stevie – and there were many teammates during his 40 years of 16” softball! Before retiring in 2017, Steve played for Molex, Playboys, Masterbatters, Jake’s Pizza, Penguins, both the old and new Woodpecker’s, Green Onions, Crabs, Fat Kids, March MFG, Bucket Heads and Bat’s. A versatile player, he started at all infield positions, especially 3rd. Three of his teams have already been honored by the Hall of Fame, Molex, Playboys and March. His appearances in Major and National tournaments are too numerous to list, but his career was highlighted by the Playboys Chicagoland Championship, two Industrial Chicagoland titles with Molex, a First Team All American with March MFG at the Prescott ASA Nationals in the late 90’s and Iowa ASA Nationals Second Team All American with the Fat Kids in 2009.

One of his biggest impacts on the sport is running the Lorden-Heinol Memorial Tournaments raising close to $1 million for cancer research. Players sign up as individuals and play on teams in Mt Prospect each Sepetember.