The Chicago Sixteen-inch Softball Hall of Fame Welcomes Your Vote for the Class of 2024 Inductees.

Please vote for the nominee(s) that you are familiar with. A candidate must receive 74% of the total vote. In each category you may vote for up to the number of candidates listed for that category. If you are unfamiliar with the candidate(s) or if you feel they should not be in the Hall of Fame, you do not need to vote for them. You also can leave a category blank.

Online Voting Will Take Place from Thursday, February 1, 2024 Thru Thursday, February 29, 2024

You can read each nominees bios HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you nominate someone or a team to be inducted? Fill out the nomination form pages and submit with a photo to Paul Rowan
7501 W. Harrison St.
Forest Park, IL 60130
Cell 708-574-6191

2. How is someone selected for HOF? Once a nomination form is received it is reviewed by the appropriate committee. The committee who is from that era select the people to be considered to be voted on. The public votes online or can mail in. Hall of Fame inductees vote separately and their input is considered more valuable than the public. Final approval is made by the HOF Board. For complete information please click

3. How is a team selected for the HOF? Nominations are made to the Hall of Fame and the Board selects the teams.

4. How can I volunteer to help? Contact Paul Rowan or Rachel Entler as to what you would like to do.

5. How long are people allowed on the ballot? If a person is not selected on over 2 years to be inducted they are removed from the list, they can be added again.

6. Can you be nominated if still playing? Yes if you are at least 50 years old.

7. I have memorabilia for the museum, what do I do to offer it? Advise Al Maag, what you have first to determine if it will be considered. The museum is not big so we do not want items that will not be used. We do love to get jerseys of teams.

8. If I buy a brick when will be placed in the park? All bricks are placed in the ground the third week of July, in time for our inductee day program the Sunday before the Forest Park Invitational Tournament when the plaques of each inductee are unveiled. A ball game is played afterward by the legends of the game.

Please only one vote per person!

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