Bob Glosa and Tom Balek started JYNX softball as a combination of four South Side neighborhood teams. JYNX consisted of some good players and some great players, but they were all great guys. They were a special group with a strong bond of close-knit players. New players were often pals of current players who wanted to compete at a higher level. JYNX never ducked an opponent or tournament.  They often played shorthanded, but they played. They tried to play the game right and they always had FUN. Any team that played JYNX can attest to that.


From 1988 to 2014, Jynx played in the following leagues and tournaments.


LEAGUES: SUPER PRO TV 16 inch Forest Park — Hodgkins — Mt.Prospect — Blue Island — Westchester — Clyde


TOURNAMENTS: Nationals ASA & SSA from 1988-2014 –Forest Park 1988-2014 — Chicagoland Classic — Grant Park — North/south — Hawthorne — Westchester — Armour Park — Berwyn — Arizona Tea Handicap.