Zeke Crement

Zeke Crement played his first game as a seventeen year old at Clarendon Park. His first at bat was a home run, a shot that began a 29 year softball career with some of softball’s great teams, and started Zeke’s reputation as one of the longest ball hitters of his era. Zeke played with Active Screw at Clarendon and Kosciusko Parks and played with the Lyon’s 45’s at Clarendon, Evanston, Portage and Kelly Parks. In 1969 Crement helped the Dr. Carlucci Bonbcats win the World Championship at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. In 1979 and 1985, he played in Metro, Illinois State, and World tournaments. Besides carrying a lifetime batting average over .600 and leading his teams in homeruns, Crement was a top notch shortstop, blessed with a strong arm and a range that cut down many would be runners. He and his wife, Mary, had two daughters and a son. Zeke passed away in early 2002.