Willie Frencl

Softball critics from the 60’s and 70’s claim that Willie Frencl, a clutch left-handed hitter and pitcher, was considered by to be the toughest single out from the left hand side of the plate during his era. His baseball and softball career began after graduating from Reavis High School in 1957 where he was selected as Outstanding Senior Athlete. Willie Frencl was signed by the Chicago White Sox as a pitcher and outfielder. He lasted in the minor leagues for two years before he was released. During that time he struck out 17 batters in a 7-inning game, 21 batters in a 9-inning game, and 12 batters in 4 innings of relief pitching. Frencl began his softball career with the Mice in the Normandy Park League. In 1959 they won the park championship where Frencl played against Eddie Zolna of the Bobcats. After that game Zolna convinced Frencl to play for the Bobcats, a partnership that spanned some 16 years and produced a plethora of titles and championships. In 1962 Frencl was the Batting Champion of the Daddy-O Daily League. He was selected to the ASA All American Team in 1970 where he also received the Slugger Award for total bases. Once again in 1972 he was picked to the ASA All American Team and was awarded honors as their top catcher. In 1976 Willie Frencl switched to the Amalgamonsters where his team won the Windy City League and took runner-up honors in the ASA Nationals. Frencl was also selected as Ist Team Catcher that year in the Windy City League with a batting average of .506. Willie Frencl retired from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District after 28 years. He resides in Chicago with his wife, Carol, where they live near their three children and their first grandchild.