In 1986, Tony Pearson and a group of close friends formed the Untouchables, a new neighborhood team. They played their first year at Dunbar Park and managed to only win one game. But they played with heart and desire but lost many close games, so they decided it was time to support their already talented team with some new talent.

The next year they added new players and expanded their horizons to play at Grand Crossing, Ogden Park, and at 75th and Jeffrey. They became more competitive and started to draw attention from other teams. In their third year, they merged with Genesis, a West Side team. That year they lost only three games at Dunbar, two at Ogden, and four games at Grand Crossing. They won the league championship at Ogden Park and took second place at Dunbar.

With these successes under their belt, the Untouchables were ready to compete in league and tournament play at a higher level, so they played at Garfield and Washington Parks. Because of their reputation as a team on the rise, they were able to attract more players. They played at Hamilton Park where the lost only one game during league play, losing to the L.A. Peacemakers in a close game for the league championship.

In 1993, they went undefeated at Washington Park and placed in the top five in every tournament that year. They had two-second place finishes and a third place finish in the ASA tournament. That decade the Untouchables played in every ASA National tournament, including three in Iowa, taking a fourth place finish in 1994. With the addition of Vada Primous (HOF), Dave Williams, Charlie Talbert, Gavin Johns, Frank Bellman, Rod Early, and Ron Mack, they were invited to play in the Pro League. Their most memorable game featured their victory over Molex in the weekly-televised game. Down 8-0 in the first inning, they came back to win 15-10. This victory established them as a top contender.

In 1998, they had a nice run in the nationals in Iowa. When they returned, they played the powerhouse B-Athletes for the championship at Garfield Park. They won the first game 7-2 and the second game 9-4. They added Derrick William and Howard Bowling to their already solid roster of Larry Danley (HOF), Steve Ellerson, William Weatherspoon, Chuck Gordon, Mike Ross, Rick Coleman, Lee Clark, Leo Richmond, Darryl Bedenfield, Otis Goodman, and Anthony Jackson, the Untouchables became one of the best black softball teams in Chicago. They were able to hold their own against California Gold, LA Posse, Color Success, and the B-Athletes.

The Untouchables played from 1986 to 1999. Tony Pearson ran the team and was responsible for recruiting new talent year-after-year. Coaches Joe Johnson and Lloyd Boyd and captains Charles Richard and Larry Mapp took this talent and formed it into a powerhouse team. Frank Bellman, Vada Primous, and Charlie Talbert continued the team’s success.

The success of the Untouchables came from great team chemistry, a fun team atmosphere, and a strong competitive nature.

Kevin “Chili” Ammons

Chuck Anderson

Dee Bedenfield

Frank Bellmon

Lewis Bledsoe

James “JB” Bishop

Lloyd Boyd

Ricardo Chalk

Lee “Sonny” Clark*

Rick Coleman

Larry “Butch” Danley*

Dodd Davis

Chuckie Dunn

Nate Early

Steve Ellerson

Vincent Frierson

Caleb Glover

Tim “Ace” Leverston

Otis Goodman

Chuck Gordon

Sheldon Grey

Marcus Green

Leroy “Popeye” Harris

Carol Harris

Danny Houston

William “Bean” Howard

Anthony Jackson

Dwayne Jamison

Garvin Johns

Gary “Bay” Johns

Joe Johnson

Kevin Jones

Sonny Kirkwood

Ira Kirkwood

Dwayne Lawrence

Howard Bowling*

Ron Mack

Larry “Super” Mapp

Kelvin McDonald*

Lacy Moore*

Derrick Moses

Randy Nelson

Rod Parker

Greg Pearson

Mike Phillips

Vada Primous (HOF)

Kevin Purdimon

Thurmond Reed

Charles Richard

Leo Richmond*

Mike Ross

Otha “Champ” Simmons

Walter Smith

Larry “La La” Washington (HOF)

Stephan Smith

Willie “Floyd” Smith

Dwain “Sonny” Spivey

Darryl Stewart

Winfred Street

Lorenzo Swift

Charlie Talbert

Bobby Thomas

Mike Walker

William Weatherspoon

Melvin Whispers

Richard Williams

Dave Williams*

Derrick “Skeet” Williams

Edgar Wright

James Wright

Darnell “Dubie” Smith

Tony Pearson (Manager)