Tom “Bomber” Horn


Tom “Bomber” Horn is one of the greatest mound magicians in sixteen- inch softball history, a defensive master who won nearly one hundred championships at every level and was beloved by friends and foes alike. Horn’s dad Bernie pitched for the Lyons 45s (a team honored by the Hall of Fame) and his mother Helen persuaded him to become a teacher/ coach for the Chicago Public Schools, where he has influenced thousands of students over the last thirty years. His wife Darlene and children Samantha and Brian were forever supportive and inspirational.

Horn’s influence was felt early at storied Clarendon Park with the upstart Rox, who catapulted to prominence. Horn evolved as a defensive genius while winning loads of titles with Storm, Fusion and Jackmen, among a myriad of neighborhood teams constantly recruiting the unassuming leader. What Bomber lacked in power, he made up for with uncanny placement with his bat and his ability to make everyone on his team more confident and happy. Bomber was a blast to play with. And fun to watch.

Horn was picked up by two-time national champion Lettuce Entertain You, but remained loyal to his company team, the Chicago Sun-Times, both are honored in the Hall of Fame. Bomber won the major division and corporate divisions of the Chicago Classic at Grant Park simultaneously. In the corporate playoff he showed what sixteen-inch softball is all about. In a late-inning nail-biter the batter hit a dribbler down the first base line for a sure hit, but Horn kicked the ball soccer- style to his first baseman to make the out and end the inning. He routinely made putouts at second by

“hiking” the ball between his legs and made incredible one-handed stabs on liners.

While pitching in the televised Pro- League at Forest Park, broadcaster Mike North called Horn one of the best defensive pitchers in softball history.

His Major Softball Teams Lettuce- 1998 National Champions, Old Style Classic 2, Mount Prospect League, Forest Park, and Open Tourney Champions. Licorice- 2000 National Champions, Mount

Prospect Champions, Open Tourney Champions, Miller Taggers. 1990 USSSA Worlds Champions, 1991 USSSA World Champions, Metro Champions Touch, Iowa Tourney Champions, Final (4) in major tournament. Metro Champions Rabbits, Major Winning Record, Metro Champions.

Neighborhood champions, Chicago Sun-Times
fifteen championships, League eight championships, Royko Tournament five championships, Old Style Classic two championships, City Engineers three championships. Storm ten championships, Fusion eight championships, Jackmen seven championships, Rox seven championships, Flinstones five championships, Flames five championships, Doggie Style four championships, Jump four championships, War Pigs four championships, Trips three championships, Pebbles three championships, Shinnicks three championships, Strokers three championships, Magicians three championships, Nemesis two championships, Clap two championships, Vigilantes championship, Bomber Ball, Web 13.