“Timmy” grew up in Beverly / St Cajetan Parish, and like many city kids at the time, fell in love with 16-inch softball. From the early 1970’s through 2000, Tim was the face of 16-inch softball at Kennedy Park. He built a reputation as a pitcher who would pull out all the stops to build his team for a tournament or put together a league team at Kennedy. The jersey he proudly wore for over 18 seasons, was aptly emblazoned “Ringers”. A thrilling highlight of his career came in the 1986
Nationals with the Ringers against the Stickmen in Marshalltown, where Tim threw a perfect game. Starting with the Condors and Tap and Toke, Tim’s career also included later seasons with the Gators, Fitz’s Gas and Dead Presley’s, all at Kennedy Park. A fierce competitor and team leader on the mound, Tim demanded respect from his opponents and earned respect from his teammates. He refused to tolerate anything less than an all out effort from himself or his players, but returned their effort with
complete loyalty. No matter who you were, when you wore the Ringers jersey, he demanded that you played hard and played “the right way”. Always a gentleman
off the field, treasured friends and treasured memories were made along the way during 32 years of play.