Tim Maher

Tim’s 16” softball career began at Visitation Grammar School. Besides playing in his younger days, Tim also organized teams at the farm club level. In 1970 he was the captain of the St. Rita High School Football Championship team. He also coached the Dobbers softball team for many years in the 70’s. Maher began his radio career in 1981 at WTAQ – AM 1390. He broadcast on WBEE – AM 1579 from 1982 to 1986 where he devoted much of his air time to 16” softball. With the help of sponsor Bob King of Miller Beer, the Miller Softball Report moved to WKKD – 95.9 FM in Aurora/Napervifie in 1990. Maher’s radio show is the only one of its kind in the Chicagoland area devoted to the promotion, advancement and enhancement of “Chicago’s Game”, 16” softball. Besides his broadcasting duties, Maher also is one of the top organizers of softball tournaments in the Chicago area. This year’s tournaments, highlighted by the Arizona Ice Tea Handicapper Classic, paid out an all time prize of $7,000. Tim serves as the chairman of the Hall of Fame Youth Committee, he organized the first Chicagoland High School Tournament, which was won by St Joseph High School. He also published a softball magazine in the 1980’s and the Softball Report Magazine for three years. Maher credits his spirit and desire to never quit to his parents John and Mary Jean Maher.