Thunder is a long time group of neighborhood friends that evolved into a consistent top-ten team, and for several years were much better than that.  Frank Stella started the team in the Glenview Park District and Morton Grove Park District High School leagues in 1983. Thunder is still running in 2016 with no signs of slowing down.  The majority of the team from 1983 through the late 1990s all went to high school together at Glenbrook South in Glenview and lived within four blocks of one another.

After winning countless league championships in the Glenview Park District, Morton Grove Park District, Golf Maine Park District, and Des Plaines Park District, Thunder joined the more competitive Mt Prospect Park District and began playing in weekend tournaments in 1998.  Thunder had some success right off the bat after stepping up in competition winning two tournaments in 1999, while finishing seventh out of field of forty-five in ASA Class “A” Nationals that year.  From the mid-2000s through the present in 2016, Thunder has been a consistent top-10 team.  Thunder has always had a strong core of loyal and dedicated players who spent more time together off the field than on.  There was very little roster turnover from year to year.  In 2016 the roster will have five players who are sons of former players.


Since stepping up in competition in 1998, Thunder has the following accomplishments:

  • 1015 wins
  • Won thirty-seven league championships
  • Won the Mt Prospect Classic League in 2012
  • Won ASA Class “A” Nationals in 2007
  • Won ten tournaments
  • Finished third in ASA Class “A” Nationals in 2000, and 2004 after losing winners bracket final
  • Finished third in ASA/SSA Major Nationals in 2009 and 2011 after losing winners bracket final
  • Seven other top-ten finishes in Nationals for a total of eleven top-ten finishes in seventeen years
  • Seventeen top-ten finishes in Major tournaments
  • One of only four teams who played in Forest Park No Glove Nationals every year since 2007. Thunder had two top-ten finishes in that time span
  • Finished third in ASA State Championships in 2007 and 2009
  • Fourth in total number of wins in Mt Prospect Classic League history
  • Team manager Frank Stella ranked fourth in total number of wins among managers in Mt Prospect Classic League history
  • Thirty-nine players with All-American awards at Nationals
  • Two players win the batting championship at Nationals
  • Two players win the most home runs award at Nationals
  • Two players win the most home runs award at Forest Park No Glove Nationals
  • One player won the MVP at ASA Class “A” Nationals

Thunder accomplished these achievements with THEIR friends, and never wavered from the loyalty they  showed to each other

Thunder Teammates Throughout the Years

Alex May, Alfredo Manzo, Andres Heredia, Angelo Angelakos, Anthony Miserendino, Anthony Stacey, Aram Kelekian, Arlen Stern, Bill Delre, Bill Dreyer, Bill Fingl, Bill Hammitt, Bob Durst, Bob Maize, Brad Moriarty, Brady Pelesh, Brandon Archbold, Brian Burton, Brian Savage, Bryan Palm, Carlos Leiva, Charles Bolden, Charlie Tiberi, Chris Bielowicz, Chris Deleskiewicz, Chris Miller, Dan Durst, Danny Judd, Dave Ganir, Dave Kraner, Dave Leverenz, Dave Smith, Dave Winslow, Dennis Gancarz, Dominic Stacey, Donnie Kuffel, Eric Mandarino, Erik Madsen, Ernie Halvorsen, Frank Stella, George Zervos, Grant Kerr, Greg Redar, Gregg Didech, Israel Sanchez, Ivan Rhinehart, Jake Mijares, Jake Ziemann, Jeff Hoff, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Marks, Jerry Domico, Jerry Ulrich, Jim Klein, Jim Mular, Jim Raffini, Jimmy Karfis, Joe Coia, Joe Daddino, Joe Gallelli, Joe Kent, Joe Krasny, Joe Mular, Joe Nixon (Chicken), Joe O’Connor, Joe Palmisano, Joe Pauley, Joe Stacey, Joe Zaino, John (Chooch) Tamaraz, John Dolby, John Gaca, John Gibson, John Hughes, John Jerbich, John Klus, Johnny Klus, Josh Moran, Keith Zahnow, Kenny Abt, Kevin Haag, Kile Shafer, Kyle Marquette, Larry Stalder, Mark Anichini, Mark Walsh, Matt Martin, Matt Ridley, Matt Thompson, Mike Bradley, Mike Chillo, Mike Gale, Mike Kuksuk, Mike Mazurkiewicz, Mike Mercado, Mike Niedziela, Mike Rubenstein, Mike Schiller, Mike Trumph Sr, Mike Trumph Jr, Morris Greco, Nello Gamberdino, Nick Black, Patrick Dillon, Pedro Rodriquez, Phil Britton, Rich Cornacchia, Rich Stachura, Rick Knoll, Rob Kaczmarski, Robbie Sniegowski, Robert Jakubowski, Ron Kaczmarski, Ron Mack, Ryan Kaczmarski, Scot Neukirch, Sean Batti, Stephan McClearn, Steve Erich, Steve Mijares, Steve Rigney, Steve Syreggelas, Steve Travis, Teddy Spears, Terry DiGloria, Tom Gaffney, Tom Kulawiak, Tommy Storino, Tommy Tomlinson, Tony Massarelli, Tony Siriscevich, Vito Amato, Zach Gale