Team Stooges

Chicago’s game characteristically mirrors the city that created it – it’s brash, bold, loyal, and smart. It possesses a never say die attitude. From 1981 to 1996, no team better exemplified these traits than the Stooges, the team that in 1993 the Sun Times called “The neighborhood team that plays big-time ball.” The Stooges were known for their excellent defense, great team speed, consistent roster, and superb pitching. Consistently ranked among the top ten teams in Chicagoland softball, the Stooges won over fifty tournaments, captured the tough Broadview League championship six years in row with a 28 – 0 record in 1993, won the tough Cicero-Clyde Park League twice, and won eight Metro championships as well as the Hawthorne Park championship and the West Suburban Life Newspaper title. Additionally, the Stooges were always a threat in the Forest Park “No- Glove Nationals” and in the ASA Nationals. The Stooges were born partly out of the 1977 state baseball championship won by players at Proviso East High School. The team members all lived within ten blocks of each other in suburban Broadview. The Stooges were always known for the passion for the game and their camaraderie. Win or lose they were honorable opponents who many times “popped the trunk” and shared the contents of their coolers with friends and opponents alike. Over the Stooges, sixteen-year run, their children were born and many of their parents passed away, strengthening the bond of friendship and neighborhood ties. Talent and athleticism were important to the Stooges, but loyalty to the team was more important. The Stooges always played the game with the best traditions of “neighborhood” softball. They played with passion and intensity and earned the respect of their opponents. Teammates and opponents fondly remember their “hit-and-run” mentality to this day. On behalf of all the players, their manager, Jimmy Spidale, thanks the Sixteen-inch Softball Hall of Fame for the great honor of being recognized for their great record, for their competitive softball, and for their dedication to neighborhood softball. Scotty Berg Mark Gershak Joe Pigaro Joey Briza Marty Gershak Al Ruegger Bobby Caponi Rich Hennesey Bobby Russ, Sr. Pat Caputo (HOF) Timmy Kutt Bobby Russ, Jr. Rick Carnavale Odell Humphrey Randy Russ Tommy Connelly Steve Kus Danny Scheid Danny Conway Sonny Leon Jimmy Seno Kevin Cooney Tony Ledoux Jimmy Spidale Larry “Zeke” Cushion Bobby Lopez Michael Spidale Sammy Daddano Ron Matriciano Rocco Taglia Bill “Red” Davis Mike Mazza Dave Tassi Joe Donato Billy Miller Jim Wangler Ray Donato Jimmy Moore Ken Wisz Michael Eleuteri Russell Nisivaco Ken Floody Chris Olson Virgie Gerin Mark Panek (HOF)