Team Mixed Company

What do you get when you take female players from five different softball teams, add some colorful coaches, and mix in some banquet circuit rap and stepping? Well, you get the softball team Mixed Company. Pam Black and Popati Wing are given the credit of naming this eclectic group of ball players. They were a mixture of Mama’s Family, the Spoilers, the Rookies, the Force, and the Trey Nine Slims. Coached by Juan (Swan) Gayden with help from Allen Jenkins, Irby Dunn, and Mike Burns, Mixed Company called Dunbar Park their home. One of their trademarks occurred at banquets when they performed their written routine of step, sharp, and rap, explaining their championships through music and dance. Printed copies of the script can still be found in Chicago today. Like true champions and friends, the members of Mixed Company remained friends throughout the years even after playing against each other in leagues or tournaments. The wonderful memories created at 31st just off Martin Luther King Drive keep them connected today, years after they played their last game as a team.