Team McSchnapps

In the late 1970s, a chance meeting at a recently opened North Side bar led to the creation of McSchnapps, a women’s neighborhood team that would win many championships during the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s and create lifelong friendships along the way. During their heyday, McSchnapps played at Touhy, Paul Revere, Wells, Lake Shore, and Horner Parks. A North Side team from Clark and Rosemont that played without a coach, they regularly battled North Side teams the Baton and OJ’s and South Side rivals the Angels and Rose N Crown in tournaments at Grant Park and Trevor, Wisconsin. As a result of teamwork that was created over decades of playing softball, the women of McSchnapps remain friends to this day. They credit their continued success to the sponsorship and friendship of McSchnapps owner, Jeff Olsen, and the many fans who supported them every season. Like many softball teams that draft other players and form new teams, players from McSchnapps became the Stray Cats and Lyon’s Den, but the girls of McSchnapps will always remember the memories they created playing as a neighborhood team from Clark and Rosement. Mary Defiglia Bebe McBride Linda Iussa Vicky Avers Susan Boeck Donna Sokolowski Sharon King Pam Levar Linda Husby Denise Mallas Del Cecchini Bridget Coleman Linda Holowicki Sara Cirincioni Katherine Kern Sponsor: Jeff Olsen