Team Kuppenheimer

Kuppenheimer Clothing Company joined the Grant Park Industrial League in 1960. After a year of learning hard but valuable lessons about playing 16” softball in one of the top leagues in Chicago, they came fighting back the next year, capturing third place in the Continental Division. Kuppenheimer grew from a fledgling team in 1962 into a ball club that won the Continental Division nine times by 1970, captured five city wide tournaments, routinely earning berths in the Nationals and Softball World Series. In 1968 Kuppenheimer took third place in the Nationals held in St. Louis, as Chicago area teams finished first, second and third for the first time in the National’s history. Kuppenheimers Roster; Henry “Hammer”Kemp Fred Kemp Edward “Spike” Carter David “Mule” Kemp James “Kang” Carter Willie “Pool” Kemp Clarence “Smoky” Caldwell Richard “RD” Kemp Bob Clopton Roland “Rock” Kemp Henry “Hawk” Currie Jessie “Mizac” MacEmbry Reginald “Cowboy” Mason Reginald “Wolf” Fagan Mitch McCullough Sylvester McKinnon Butch Dantley Manuel Washington Reginald Gordon Scottie Wiggins Williams Raymond Johnson Fred Thomas Donnie Gardner Vincent Sterling Floyd Glover Ben “BJ” Joseph *Raymond Watkins *William “Shipper” *Marcus Fikes *Hugh “Bird” Jackson *Alonzo “Smiley” *Thornton Barnes *Arnold “Devil” Binkley h* indicates deceased as of 2001