Team Angels

Women softball players of the 70″s and 80″s will always remember the red, white and blue uniforms of the Burr Oak Angels, as the colors of one of women’s softball’s legendary teams. With Bill Broukal at the helm and some of the top women players of the time on the field, the Angels dominated parks around the city and suburbs, and at the national level. Some quotes from local newspapers of that day give an idea of the Angels stature. “Brilliant defensive plays,” says one. “Awsome display of power at the plate,” reads another. 1980, 1981 and 1985 stand out as particularly noteworthy years for the Angels. In 1980 the Angels completed a record of 57 – 8, won championships at Oak Brook and Bedford Park, and placed second at Blue Island, McHenry, and Marquette Parks, and in the ASA Metro Tournament. In 1981 the Angels went 53 – 8. And in 1985 they were 62 – 13. From 1983 through 1987 the Angels played both 16″ softball as well as 11″ and 12″ softball, and were ranked in the top five teams nationally. In 1985 they were ranked first in the nation under the USSSA points system. Bill Broukal, who passed away in 1987, was the organizer and spiritual leader of the Angels. Broukal took his love for baseball, honed during his years playing semi-pro ball, and turned the Angels into a team that was respected from Blue Island, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah.