Sy Warchol

One of 16” softballs most devoted fans; Sy Warchol was born in 1929 in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. He attended St. Adalbert Grammar School and Harrison High School. He played softball at Cooper School and Harrison Park until he left to serve with the 25th Infantry Division in Korea. Warchol quit playing softball in 1969 to grab a bleacher seat, and witness some of the greatest 16” softball games in the last thirty years, usually with long time friend and fellow Hall of Famer, “Doc” Papierz. From his vantage point in the bleachers, Warchol fondly remembers classic matches between the Sobies and Bobcats at Clarendon, as well as exciting duels between Lettuce, the Bucks, Jynx and the 45”s at Mt. Prospect. His favorite memory, however, recalls the third place finish of his favorite team, Jynx, at the 2000 ASA Nationals. He likes Jynx best because, “they’re just a good bunch of guys.” Sy Warchol is retired from General Motors. In 2000, he and his wife, June, had been married for 42 years. They have two sons, George and Jim. As a longtime fan of Chicago’s greatest game, Sy Warchol adds color to an already vibrant softball scene. He richly deserved the Richard J. Daley award. Since deceased.