Stanley “Lefty” Stein

Stanley Stein ranks as one of the top left fielders and hitters of the 30s and 40s. He started playing softball at seventeen and quickly made a name for himself. He was the leadoff man for North Shore Congregation (a Hall of Fame team honored in 2005), Judge Shillers and the legendary Windy City Teams which included the Triplex Yankees, Midland Motors, Witt Hanley Yankees, Chicago Mail Order, and Senate Florals. He was the lead-off hitter for Witt Hanley in 1941, a team that the Softball News on September 12, 1941 called the greatest collection of softballers ever to be assembled on one team. In 1937 he led the league in hitting and one year was the second leading hitter in the league with a .619 average. He continued to be one of the top leading hitters throughout his career. Playing with such softball greats and Hall of Fame members as Art (Lefty) Goldfedder, Red Hurter, Lewa Yacilla, Whitey Maytag, Jimmy DiVito, and James “Sheik” DiNardi to name a few, Stanley Stein was a true pioneer and star of the game. His speed and ability to get on base earned him a place as one of the top players of his era and beyond. He worked for International Harvester and Sara Lee. Stanley Stein passed away in 1998. He leaves behind his sons, Fred, Joel, and Jerald, and two grandchildren, Michael and Jamey.