Stan “Rabbits” Zajac

Stan Zajac began his 16″ softball career at the age of sixteen as a left fielder with the Rabbits at Douglas Park. Zajac also played with the Second Federal League, the Spartans, and the Rocky Stars, who were managed by Hall of Famer and legendary manager Frank Holan. When the Rocky Stars and Capital Federals were dissolved, Stan Zajac joined his friend, Hall of Famer Gene Hrabek, as they headed for Ed Zolna’s Bobcats. After a stint in the Army, beginning in November of 1958, “Rabbits” rejoined the Bobcats in 1961. He played with them until 1963, when an elbow injury he received in the Army forced him to retire. Stan Zajac worked for Sears Roebuck and Company for thirty years, attaining a managerial position and retiring from there in 1990. In 2000 he resided on the south side of Chicago, still enjoying softball games in Hodgkins and Cicero.