Stan “Nosh” Norka

The youngest of three softball playing brothers, Stan Norka was born in South Chicago in 1924. He began his playing career at 17, when he was added to the roster of the legendary Joe LaPota Steelers in the Windy City League. Like many players of his era, Stan Norka’s softball career was interrupted when he answered America’s call to fight in World War II. Upon his discharge from the Navy, he continued 16″ softball on such teams as Wisconsin Steel, Santa Maria Council and Vi and Koys. Stan joined his brothers Tony and Ed with Higgins Boosters, Lombardi Kids and Baltimore Lumber. They helped lead these teams to numerous championships in the Herald American Tournaments. As a Chicago Police Detective, Stan also played on Police softball and hardball teams. Stan was well known throughout his era as a top defensive outfielder, first baseman and clutch hitter. Stan’s softball skills were so strong that he was often recruited by Frank Witt for some of the big pot games. As an opponent once said, “Put any seven players with the Norkas, and you would have a winning team.” Stan and his wife Cindy have two daughters; Nancy Carrol and Donna Myers. In 2000 he was living in Avon Park, Florida.