During the late ‘60s and ‘70s, the Shooters were considered to be one of the five best teams in Chicago.  The North Side had the Shooters, the Dwarfs, and the 45s and the South Side had the Bobcats, the Rogues, and the Sobies.  The team members came from Senn, Sullivan, Mather, Roosevelt, Von Steuben, and Amundsen High Schools.  They were built on speed, defense, and timely hitting.

Their first year they found success, going 14-6 at Clarendon.  Each year they added more power and quickly became one of Chicago’s most dominant teams. From 1969 to 1971, they went 65 – 6, winning numerous games by the slaughter rule and drawing huge crowds at Clarendon Park. They won two Clarendon titles and championships at Terminal Park in Skokie, James Park in Evanston, and Mather Park in Chicago. Their great speed, flawless fielding, and powerful hitting helped them win or finish as finalists in the Andy Frain Tournament, the World Series of Softball at Blue Island, and in tournaments at Mather Park, in Niles, and on the South Side.

The Shooters competed against their North Side rivals, the Dwarfs and Gaffers, and held their own with a nice winning record.  They beat the Bobcats 16 – 5 at Clarendon in 1970.  They were 0 – 1 against the Sobies, losing to them in the semi-finals of the Andy Frain Tournament. They lost to the Strikers by one run in the World Series of Softball at Blue Island in 1970.

Throughout the years, Shooter players won many softball and non-softball honors, including being named to high school baseball and basketball all-city teams, winning the Chicago Public League batting championship, being named to the Chicago Coaches Basketball Hall of Fame, and the Sixteen-inch Softball Hall of Fame. The Shooters had three college baseball captains, five college baseball players, and five college basketball players.

The Shooters were a great team and a great group of guys.  Like the movie “Remember the Titans” softball fans will always “Remember the Shooters”.

Shooter Players

Ron Maurer (HOF)                 Burt Weinberg                        Bob Bernstein (HOF)

Jack Jacobson                         Bruce Roth                              Larry Spiegel

Art Lurie (HOF)                     Richie Weiner                        Larry Komar

Jerry Berlin                             Chris Bakulis                          Gary Watanabe

Doug Millstone                      Dave Neiman                          Gary Lipkin

Ed Fink                                   Jerry Abrams                          Sandy Issacson

Al Colvin                                Rich Stucker                           Ron Goldie