Ronald “Colonel” Kubicki

Ron Kubicki started his career in 1972 in church leagues, followed by a stint with Touch of Class and Barrel of Fun. In 1988, Kubicki and fellow Hall of Famer Wally Filkins wrote a new page in softball history when they began to organize and coach the defending National Champion Sportstation team. From that point on there was no looking back as Kubicki went on to coach a Who’s Who of ‘80s and ‘90s teams; the Whips (‘89-‘90), Prime Time (‘92-‘95), Miller Lite Splinters (‘96-‘97), Puglise (‘98-‘99) until they became Bucks in 2000. Ron’s dedication to his teams and his unique understanding of 16” softball, have lead to appearances in eleven National Championship games. In addition to coaching, Kubicki is also an outstanding organizer, having organized the Life Area Classic with Larry Randa, and the Miller Lite / Hodgkin’s Park District Major Softball League in the summer of 2000. That league has awarded over $14,000 in prize money. Ron also coached seventh and eighth grade softball in LaGrange, Illinois. As former teammate Frank Mustari said about Kubicki, “Ron’s dedication and sportsmanship have made him one of 16” softballs true Hall of Famers.”