Robert “Bobbie” Lamont

Bobbie is considered one of the best hitters to play the game and credited with developing the “dump hit” which is either tap or cut over infielder’s heads. This strategy has affecting games since as outfielders are faked out by crafty hitters who can go long or short. So difficult to stop he went 2 years in a Sayer Park B league without making an out ! After serving as a Marine, Bob started his softball career with the Alderman Laskowski Mozarts at Hamlin Park. He was a good short center and catcher for Kelly’s All-Stars, Sports Bench and the Bobcats. He had incredible hand-eye coordination and ball release. In 1963 he was the top hitter in the State Tourney in Des Plaines. Played on the Bobcat’s 1964 and ’65 ASA National Title teams and dozens of other local championships. He was excellent athlete winning the 3 on 3 National Basketball Tourney for seniors over 60. Deceased.