Richard Ladewig

Throughout his 23 year softball career, Richard Ladewig played for three of the top teams in the 1980’s; the Condors, the Bobcats and the Whips. As an outfielder he had a lifetime batting average over 600, and hit more than twenty home runs a year. Ladewig accumulated four A.S.A championships and six U.S.S.SA. championships with the Bobcats. He received seven A.S.A. All-American honots and four U.S.S.S.A. World All American Team honors. In 1979 he was crowned the A.S.A. National Batting Champion with a 650 batting average. Ladewig also recewived hardball honors when he had a tryout with the Baltimore Orioles in 1970, as a pitcher. He has 3 daughters, and resided in Frankfort, Illinois in 2000.