Richard “Cy” Abata

Born in 1930, “Cy” started playing softball at Taylor and Racine and at Sheridan Park. He began his softball career in 1944 with the Kings, a neighborhood team. He was rookie of the year in the 1948 Windy City League with the Happy Hour Yankees. He played on the Midland Motors 1949 and Kool Vent Awnings 1950 championship teams. Standing 6’1″ and weighing 190 lbs, he was known for hitting the long ball. He was an outfielder with moderate speed but had a strong throwing arm. He reportedly had a career batting average of .525. Cy also played on the 1949 Clarendon champs Macv Jewelers and the 1957 Chicago and Kedzie champion Jimmy Rose teams with manager Moose Camillo. He graduated from Our Lady of Pompeii Elementary School in 1943 and St.Ignatius High School in 1947. He was the MYP of the football team and was named an All-City player. Cy was only the fourth athlete to letter in baseball, football and track. He graduated from the University of Detroit in 1953 with a degree in Business Administration. As a champion college hand ball player he won the Masters City Championship in 1972. Suzanne and Cy have 3 stepchildren and 15 grandchildren. He served in the military from 1953 to 1955. He is since Deceased.