Ray Linz Sr., owner of Ray’s Tavern in Calumet City, IL was the proud sponsor of RAY’S Women’s 16″ Softball Team from 1972-1980.

The team was formed in 1972 from a recreational group of women’s power volleyball players. Although the members came from various teams, they shared a common bond — a competitive nature. Of the original RAY’S team members, only three had any organized softball experience and none of them had ever played 16″ softball because it was not offered for women yet. They ranged in age from the mid 20’s to the early 40’s. They diligently practiced as to develop a competitive skill set and eventually evolve into the first powerhouse team in women’s 16″ softball in the south suburbs. They credit a lot of their success to the fine coaching staff which consisted of: Jon Hanford, Vito Perniciaro, Vic Bruegmann, batboys Kevin Poczes and Ricky Booth and the huge support of sponsor Ray Linz Sr.

Over the eight years that RAY’S competed, there were several undefeated seasons, numerous championships and many of the players went on to play for other very successful teams.

As a result of their tenacious attitude, RAY’S proudly attribute their success to TEAMWORK — which was adopted as their team motto. With the pride of winning and success came a reputation for excellence that has never been surpassed. RAY’S Women’s Softball will forever represent what can be accomplished through commitment, hard work and the vision shared by each woman whose name appears below.

We are grateful to the Chicago 16″ Hall of Fame for this great honor!

Connie Coster-Bruegmann*, Dorothy Watroba, Rene Sterbenc, Diane Poczos, Nora Hanford, Jeanette Hektoen, Cindy Freeman, Thelma Chumbley, Joy Bonic Burgess, Kathy Marcinkevich, Cheryl Broholm, Liz Danielewski, Maria Smierciak, Dee Hancock*, Sherry Vidal, Cheryl Foy, Connie Froida, Sharon Ridgley, Dorothy Horton, Trudy Patterson, Chris Ciechna, Barbara Boersma, Sandy Bolda, Sharon Enright, Barbara Gilson, Sue Kroll, Gayle Pfeiffer, Joanne Rehn, Marcia Schiller, Lisa Root, Cheri Guiterrez, Gail Livingston*, Colleen Schutz, Margaret Hardy, Lynne Robinson, Sharon Zatarga, Barb Banske, Jane Fredianelli, Judy Mathys, Peggy Rossi, Jeanie Bonin, Nancy Schutz