Ray “Doc” Warren

Ray Warren played for the Safari Tigers from 1974 to 1993. In 1984 and 1985, they finished second in the ASA Major Tournament. In 1993, they won the Illinois title in Blue Island.

He coached the B Athletes when they won the ASA title for Illinois. They placed fifth in the ASA Major Nationals in 1999. They also won the South Side Cocktail League and hosted the nationals in Mount Prospect. The B Athletes won the First Mike Royko Memorial Tournament, the Leukemia Research Preseason Tournament, and the Heritage Cup Championship.

Ray and Sherman Martin coached Dogg Pound to a fourth place finish in the ASA Nationals. In 2011, Solution, managed by Jerry Brown won the ASA “A” Nationals.

Ray played right field and won a number of best defender awards.

He has three children – Nicole, Kateka, and Eric. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.