Paul Brezinski

Paul Brezinski began his softball career in 1976 with the Freeloaders, a young team playing out of Bensenville. This squad was unique because it featured seven left-handed hitter (including Brezinski). They weren’t a long ball hitting team but a team that could hit singles and doubles consistently, often stretching for the extra base with their team speed. With this potent offense and a strong defense, they took a fifth place finish at the 1977 Nationals. When the Freeloaders disbanded, Paul Brezinski joined Apache, a team that became a dominant force in the western suburbs. Like many great softball teams, Apache eventually became Otto’s, a team that would compiled a 111 – 7 record and would go on to win Forest Park in 1981 and 1982. Because of his contributions to this record, Paul Brezinski was selected team MVP. After Otto’s, Brezinski played for the Stray Cats which eventually evolved into Cooper’s Sporting Goods, Bud North, Automart, and the early Splinters team. In the late 1980’s, Bud North was one of only two teams to capture three consecutive championships from 1987 through 1989. In the 1990’s Paul Brezinski moved to the Whips, a talent-laden team with Hall of Famers Wally Filkins, Johnny Kelleher, and Larry and Jack Kelly. This talented team produced results when the Whips went on to win a national championship. With this title in his pocket, Brezinski returned to Splinters and helped them win the 1996 Nationals at Mt. Prospect. He later won his third and fourth national championship playing with Miller 45’s in Schaumburg. During his 25 year playing career, Paul Brezinski was selected to the North All Star Team every year of the North / South game, he was voted to the All Time Mt. Prospect Classic League 1st Team, and was named to the 1st or 2nd All American Team numerous times. Paul Brezinski resides in Willow Springs with Cheryl Bestow and their daughter, Kaylee. His other children, Jenny, Michelle, and Paul live in Addison. Paul works for a Miller Beer Distributor (a dream come true). Paul will always treasure the memories and friendships he has made over 25 years.