Patrick O’Connor

Growing up in Chicago, Patrick O’Connor learned the game of 16″ softball in the schoolyards and parks of the city. He played in many Chicago Park District tournaments with a number of different teams during his school years. Since 1983, Alderman O’Connor has hosted his annual softball tournament to help keep alive the rich tradition of 16″ softball. Patrick J. O’Connor has been serving the 40th Ward since 1983. He received his law degree from Loyola University School of Law, and was admitted to the Illinois State Bar in 1979.  Alderman O’Connor is a member of seven City Council Committees; Health,   Historical Landmark Preservation, Police and Fire, Rules and Ethics, Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee, and has been Chairman of the Education Committee for 17 years.  He is active in the community and serves on several organizations; the Fraternal Order of Police, American Council of Young Political Leaders, Irish Fellowship Club, American Cancer Society, American Historical Society and many others. In 2002, after serving as Vice-Chairman since 1998, Alderman O’Connor was appointed Chairman of the National League of Cities Council on Youth, Education and Families. Their work has included efforts focusing on prevention of youth violence and family neglect by encouraging the expansion of after school programs. For the past few years, Alderman O’Connor has worked with the local Chamber of Commerce to add a family feast to his softball event. Each the number of teams has increased and more and more families have enjoyed the spirit and competition of Chicago’s great game. 16″ softball is alive and well in the 40th Ward thanks to the continued commitment of Alderman O’Connor.