Pam Michalski-Vidovic

Pam Michalski-Vidovic’s career began humbly in Calumet Park at age nine, when she played on neighborhood teams organized by neighborhood blocks. Talent like hers would not go unnoticed for long. By age twelve, she had moved into citywide tournaments, playing with Chicago’s West Pullman and winning the City Championship twice. She was attracted to pitching because it gave her the ball most often and made her the focus of the game. With her impressive tournament play and pitching ability, Vidovic was soon recruited by Women’s softball powerhouse, Rose & Crown. Pam was instrumental in Rose & Crown winning four Calumet City League Championships and four Blue Island League Championships. She was named MVP in the Windy City tournament, the Cal Park and Blue Island tournaments and with the West Pullman Park Citywide team. In addition to her pitching prowess, Pam batted tenth in the Rose & Crown lineup and consistently came through with clutch singles and doubles. Pam credits the coaching she received early in her career for her success. When she and others wanted to stay late to “hit a few more balls” her coaches were always willing to stay. Pam eventually achieved a remarkable pitching record of 831 wins against 87 losses, 16 no-hit games and 46 one-hit games. In 2001, Pam was a recreational center director with the Blue Island Park District, living in Blue Island with her husband Jerry and her sons Troy and Jordan.