Michael C. “Iron Mike” Kirksy, Sr.

Michael C. Kirksy Sr. was born on April 29, 1933 to Ethel and Edmon Kirksy in Homer Louisiana. They relocated to the Summit-Argo area when he was eight years old. As a youth Michael loved to play all different sports. Some days he would be playing so hard he would forget to go in for dinner.

He attended Argo Community High School where he played basketball and excelled in football. He received all-conference, all suburban and all-state special mention honors in football. Despite his natural talent for football he had a passion for sixteen-inch softball.

After graduating from Argo in 1953, Michael played for the Trojans until he enlisted in the Army. He returned to Summit after serving two years in the Army and played shortstop for the Vets/Bombers. He also played for his company team, Corn Products, in the Industrial League and played all positions. In 1971 the Bombers took first place at Marquette Park, Avalon Park and Grant Park.  He retired from the Bombers in 1972 after playing with them for nineteen years.

The Bombers planted a seed in the Summit-Argo Community by hosting the Old Timers Picnic. The picnic brought the community together thorough the game of softball and encouraged the young people to play the game he loved so much. The picnic is still going strong after forty-two years.

One of his proudest moments as a parent is that all five of his sons also loved sports and played throughout high school. Although they didn’t follow his footsteps in softball, he had one son, Mike Jr, that made All State in high school as a football player. His youngest son, Mel, received All Conference in football. Mike went on to play at Ellsworth College and received special mentions, and Mel played on the 1983 football championship team at SIU Carbondale.

Michael and his wife, Velma, have been married for sixty – three years. They have raised eight children –Michael Jr., Marvin, Mark, Manuel, Mel, Darlene, Monica and Henry. He worked at Corn Products for forty years and he still resides in the Summit-Argo area.