Mary DiFiglia

What do 234′-1″ and a knee length cast say about Mary DiFiglia? They testify to her athletic skills and her competitiveness. The 234′ – 1″ represents the distance Mary threw softball for a women’s 16″ record that still stands (an honor bestowed on her by Jesse Owens.) The knee length cast refers to the time she wore one during a game and still managed to throw out runners. With the nickname of “Mickey Mantle” given to her by a neighbor, Mary began her softball career during fourth grade as a member of her St Margaret and Mary church team in the “blacktop league.” At 16 she graduated to Senn Park where she was discovered by the top teams of the area. As a top shortstop in 16″ softball, Mary played for Stray Cats, McSchnaps, Willow on Wagner, Burrow’s Moving, and Lyon’s Den. Her teams won the league champions or placed second at Paul Revere, Wells, and Horner Parks for twelve years. They also won the championship at the Quest for the Best Tournament in the 1980’s, once during a weekend when the temperature hit 100 degrees. Mary’s highlights include beating the OJ’s and Gaffers in the 70’s, beating the Angels in the 90’s, and pitching a double header with a broken finger in 1996 to win the league championship. Besides softball Mary also excelled at basketball and track and field on a team coached by the legendary Wilma Rudolph. She currently resides in Wheaton and works for the Glen Ellyn Park District.