Marty “Doc” Bush

ike many of the top players of the 1900-1949 era and players of today, Marty played both with local teams and with teams in some of the top leagues in Chicago The local team, however, was the place here these players often felt the most comfortable and showed the most loyalty From 1934 to 1941 Bush played locally in the St. Dorothy’s Holy Name League with the Kodakers (1935-39), Ryans (1934-37), Nudos (1936-39) in the Grand Crossing League, and MaCrons (1938-41) also in the Grand Crossing League. Bush also played in the Windy City Softball League National Division from 1937-1941 He entered this league in 1937 with the Baltimore Lumbers and stayed with them from 1937-39 when he moved onto the Lapota Steelers from 1940-41. During this span the Steelers were Windy City Champions in 1940. In 1940 and 1941 Bush was selected to the All-Star Team and won the title of the League’s Best Shortstop. John Galvin, a teammate of Marty Bush, remembers him as a punch hitter who could also swing with power. His big quick hands, fast feet, and knowledge of the game combined to make him one of the top shortstops of his era. He attended the 1St Hall of Fame dinner in ’96 and passed away during the year.