Marshalltown Sixth Street Softball Complex

The Marshalltown South 6th Street Complex is honored to be the first out of state diamonds to be named a Field Of Dreams.

These fields were constructed on the site of a flood control landfill in 1977 and 1978. The entire complex, as well as ongoing improvements, was paid for by player contributions, donations, concession profits, advertising and gate receipts. No city money has been spent to build or improve the complex. The Marshalltown softball community is proud of this accomplishment.

The first games were played at the complex in June of 1979. These three fields, as well as two neighborhood park diamonds, served well over 125 teams in six leagues, including a “Midnight” league and a Sunday High School program. The weekly 16-inch league is one of the best in the state of Iowa.

The 6th Street Complex has hosted ten A.S.A. National 16- inch championships since it was opened. Historic teams such as the Whips, Touch, Lettuce, Puglise, 45”s and Flash have won titles at Marshalltown. All of the National tournaments were very well attended. Watching the Chicago teams play really helped to fire the interest in the 16” game in Marshalltown.

The Clincher Classic tournament is held in early June each year. This draws the best Iowa teams as well as teams from Chicago. This is the best tournament in Iowa with generous payouts and good participation.

The complex is under the direction of the Marshalltown Softball Association. This twelve member board represents all leagues and genders. This group directs the operation, the development and improvements of the facility and conducts leagues and tournaments each year. In the past these duties were split with the City Parks and Recreation department. Now it is all the responsibility of the association. These people care about softball and will make the entire program better for all players in the future.

Our thanks to the Chicago 16 Inch Hall of Fame for honoring the Marshalltown South 6th Street complex.

1980 Har Crest Whips

1985 Touch

1988 Whips

1993 Lettuce

1996 Lettuce

1999 Puglise

2003 45s

2007 45s

2011 Tides *

*The first year of SSA competition. No Chicago

teams came to play, all Iowa Nationals