Softball has changed my life. Through the years I have experienced some of the most intense competition anyone could ever be involved in. The friends are the very best part! Friendships that have lasted forever. They did not always start off as “friendships”, but the shared desire to win made it easy. My respect for everyone I have come to know is boundless. Memories of the highest moments, and frustrating moments never go away!! Whether it was the veterans who always had a story, advice, criticism, or the up and comers who had no idea how many dinners, kids games, or family parties they would miss, they all counted! My wife and kids support were never ending. Thank you Chicago 16 inch softball, “YOU CHANGED MY LIFE”. Bio; Mark began his softball career at 17 in the Palatine Park District League with the Crispy Critters. After a Championship Game he was recruited by players from the Clarendon Park (Dwarfs). Playing against and beating the Bobcats with numerous Hall of Famers and winning the Andy Frain Tourney was the start of great opportunities. After playing with top local teams in park leagues, including the tough Evanston League, Bob O’Malley (Bucks) recruited Mark for the 1982 Nationals in Aberdeen, his first of 30 National Tourney appearances. It resulted in his first All-American selection. The first of many National Tournament Runner-Up finishes came next in the 1983 Nationals (Stray Cats) and it was clear a passion for the game had begun. Year after year Mark played on the Very Best teams and was competing in the final four of the ASA and USSSA National tournaments with teams that included; Bud North 2nd, Auto Mart 2nd, Taggers, Sage, Magic, March Mfg. 2-2nds, Meadows 3rd, Touch 3rd, Bud 45’s 2nd/3rd,and so many other great teams. Mark recalled one of the Old-Timers behind the backstop at Forest Park called Mark “Suitcase Malouf”.Mark has also been honored to receive many multiple ASA, USSSA, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Team All-American awards. He was selected to the North/South All-Star Games. Other tournament successes include; Forest Park No Glove National Champions (2) and Runner-ups (2), Inaugural ASA Over 50 National Champs, Mt Prospect Classic League Champion. NSA National Champs.Receiving the “Terry Moran Sportsmanship Award” was a great honor it being in his best friends name. Mark is considered by many “One of the very best, if not the best defensive outfielder to have ever played 16” softball”. If you saw Mark play, you knew he had only one way of playing; dive, slide, steal hits and extra bases, whatever it took to help the team win. It is an honor for Mark to be inducted into the HOF. Mark is extremely grateful for all the friends he has made, and support from his wife Jayne, son’s Gary and Anthony. I am, and always will be a better person for having been involved in 16 Inch Softball!!!