Better known as “P-Funk”, Kendall has commissioned over the Washing-ton Park Super Sunday League for 15 plus seasons. The league consists of over 30 teams playing games on 14 diamonds on Sundays from sunup to sunset. Under his leadership, several teams have been honored, in-cluding Steel Gold, Outcast, Young Guns, Pharaoh’s, Rack City, Dog-pound, Team 23 and Solutions. A longer list of teams has also achieved considerable accomplishments.
A great developer, P-Funk instituted All-Star Weekend, Game of the Week, softball website and divisional games which allow teams the chance to develop. A new Wed / Fri format was also developed, W P B team league, as well as a 45 and older league, allowing young players to develop and older players a chance to contribute.
A women’s league is thriving with women’s teams competing in a national tournament in Oak Lawn, and Ice Dynasty placing 2nd. Washington Park hosts ASA Qualifiers and the Southwest Windy City Classic in Racine, WI and Rock Island. Due to the growing popularity, the Pre-Season league carries 20 teams, and the Fall League has attracted players from throughout Illinois.P-Funk doesn’t have an off-season. He continues to meet with Park District officials and made a guest appearance on the television show Windy City Live, promoting 16-inch softball, along with Washington Park.
His prior career as a coach was just as successful, with Pound 4 Pound winning the Mt Prospect Qualifier, Fall League. There are teams that come from Iowa to compete yearly in the Forest Park no-gloves Nationals, and now in Iowa they have leagues that play without gloves. So, in actuality the opposite of what the original plan for introducing gloves into the game came to pass; out of town teams are playing without gloves,” states Tim Flanigan
He was also involved with Champs, Flames tenure in 2014 WP Super Sunday Championship, and on the coaching staff of Team 23 and Rack City.
In 2018 P-Funk was an integral member of the Rack City coaching staff, winning 6 championships in one season. Currently, he is a member of the Pharaoh’s coaching staff, guiding them to their first No Glove National Invite.
As a player, his career spanned two decades as a tall and light of foot Right Fielder. Championships included one with Wrecking Crew, 5 with Steel Gold, one with Lethal Weapon Tribe and 2 with Pound 4 Pound.
Kendall and his wife Valerie have two children, Kendall Jr and Katrina.