Johny Galvin

Bill Rand’s, Harry’s Owl Club, Nudo’s Dugout, the Lapota Steelers, and Cronin’s all stand as icons of softball’s early days. As a top defensive third baseman who had a reputation as a great power hitter, Johnny Galvin was a leader on these legendary teams. Playing at such early softball parks as Grand Crossing Park and Bill Rand Stadium, Johnny Galvin and his teammates forged a link that connects the Pioneer players to the modern teams of today. Besides being a top softball player, Galvin was also an All American football player at Purdue who had a brief stint with the Baltimore Colts football team and the New York Yankees. He also played football in the short lived (one year) Windy City Football League with the Glen Ellyn Bears and the Spokes. Galvin was the Athletic Director of Argo High School for 30 years. In 1997 they named the football field the John Galvin Memorial Field. Johnny Galvin and his wife, Pauline, live in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Since Deceased.