John Westermayer

John Westermayer was raised in Des Plaines next to Tomahawk Park, a park that influenced his desire to play softball and baseball because he would listen to the sounds of baseball being played during the summer months. Additionally, the local 16-inch softball “Metros” were played over countless summers in his youth at Tomahawk. There was nothing like being awakened by his mother, smelling his father cooking breakfast each and every weekend during those summer years of his youth, and heading out to watch softball games. Some of the best players he ever saw are still tucked away in his memories.

Like most softball players before him, he started playing in the local neighborhood leagues with his friends trying to compete at the highest level they could. They pushed through the lower leagues all the way into playing at the major level. He played for decades with two of his closest friends – Steve Quarnstrom and Jim Postol. Together they started out playing at Rand Park and Mount Prospect looking for the best competition available.

He played third base most of his carrier on such notable Teams as Custom, Turtles, Sage, Punch, Bucketheads, Bud 45s, Lettuce, and Flashback. During his career, he was a member of teams that won two SSA Major National championships, three ASA Major Nationals championships, and was runner-up five times. His teams also won the Forest Park No Glove Nationals championships five times and finished second twice. He was named the tournament MVP in 2011. John has also won at least one or more championships in all of the following notable tournaments: Westchester Tournament of Champions, The North vs. South championships, Grant Park Championships, and The Windy City Classic. John was also named to numerous 1st and 2nd team All-Tournament and All-Star teams during his career.

John will always be grateful to have experienced the love of the game, the numerous friendships, and the countless memories he cherishes over his thirty- plus years of playing 16-inch softball.