John Reglein


There aren’t many sixteen-inch
softball people who use the word
passion to describe all aspects of
the game, but John Reglein is one
of those. John embodies the role of
team sponsor, manager, player, friend,
and successful business owner. His
softball successes have come mainly
from Iowa, but his business, The
Graphic Edge is a nationwide success.
Founded some twenty-five years ago
with two part-time employees, The Graphic Edge had grown to over two hundred employees today.

John was the first person in Iowa to build and manage sixteen-inch softball teams (like Red Carpet, Checkers, Farner-Bocken, and Kraus Chiropractic) that featured the best players from all over Iowa. Once he became the sole team sponsor and manager, he used his company’s name, The Graphic Edge. John put together teams that featured high quality players who were also high quality people. And by including the families of players in all aspects of the team, he made it easier for players to commit to the rigorous softball schedule.

As a manager, John’s team won nine District Substate championships (equivalent to Metro tournaments in Chicago). They won nine State Major Open championships, had three

top five finishes in ASA National tournaments, and won more than 1500 games. In 2002, John was inducted into the Iowa Sixteen-inch Hall of Fame as a manager and a sponsor.

John would often bring his teams to Chicago to allow them to experience better competition. They played in the Splinters Tournaments, at the Mt. Prospect Classic, and in the Forest Park No Gloves Nationals. If his team didn’t come to Mt. Prospect, John made it a point to take in the tournament.

John and his wife, Donna, live in Carroll, Iowa. A typical day inside his business usually includes one or more of his grandchildren by his side.