John Kelleher

A quiet leader who led by example … a natural athlete who was one of the best finest hitters in the game, and at turning a double play… a competitor who played his hardest at all levels of competition. These and other accolades from fellow players describe an inductee who many consider to be one of the finest players in the history of the game. John Kelleher began his softball career at the ripe old age of sixteen with his superb brothers ended up with the most National Championship rings in history (13 ASA). He was a textbook example of a pure hitter who could drop a ball in the gap or power one over your head if you tried to play him shallow. With a “sixth sense” for the game, John could effortlessly stretch a double into a triple or turn a double play to save a game. In one tournament at Forest Park, a place where he was named MVP numerous times, John never made an out during a six game stretch. A great ball player at the top of his game also plays with great teams. Kelleher’s stint with the Whips, Strikers, Bobcats, and Lettuce is no exception. With his great contributions, they won numerous ASA and USSSA Championships and were named All American. John Kelleher lives in Naperville, Illinois with his wife and three children.