John “Heck” Hechinger

John Hechinger began his softball career with St. Viator Grade in 1942 when they made it to the quarter finals in the St. Ignatius tournament. A left fielder who also played first and third, Hechinger had a lifetime batting average over 600, and hit 350 home runs. From 1942 to 1957 Hechinger’s teams won twelve championships on such teams as St. Viators, Ideal Liquors, the 35 Club, the Addison Bears, and Murph’s Lounge at Mozart and Riis Park from 1948 to 1950. Hechinger played with Fewer Boilers, Spalter Finance, Leo Rose Clothiers and Kool Vent Awnings at the North Town and Windy City Leagues from 1948 to 1952. He also played simultaneously at Clarendon Park with Town Pump, Marino Brothers, Addison Bears, and the 35 Club. From 1947 to 1950 Hechinger played with St. Cyr Council. They won the City Championship once, and lost twice. While with St. Cyr, John Hechinger played along side Lewa Yacilla, Charley Russo and John Abbatacola as short center. He entered the Counter Intelligence Corps in 1952, and served until 1955. When he came out, he earned his law degree and met Mary, who would become his wife. He went on to play with the Tom Thumbs, with Hall of Famer Bob Lamont, and Knights of Columbus with Johnnie Lattner in center field. During his legal career, John Hechinger served as a judge in the Cook County Juvenile Court, the Criminal Court, and the Chancery Division of the Circuit Court. In 2000, he was “Of Counsel” with the law firm of Rock, Fusco and Garvey Ltd. and lived with his wife, two sons and a daughter in Chicago.