Joe Manza

Having played softball for ten years, Joe Manza knew the game, players, and the rules. This knowledge helped him officiate games at the highest levels of competition. He played in six national tournaments with the Condors, Jays, and Eastsiders. In 1985 he became an ASA umpire and officiated a majority of his softball games in the major divisions at Blue Island, Mt. Prospect, and Clyde Park. He called balls-and-strikes at over 2500 games and is still umpiring today. During his twenty-four year tenure as an umpire, he officiated twenty Forest Park “No Gloves” Tournaments, twenty-three Metro tournaments, twenty-three state tournaments, and eight nationals. Joe has also been involved in many other major tournaments at various sites (Westchester and Alsip). Joe and his wife, Marie, live in Naperville, Illinois. They enjoy spending time with their children – Nicole, Jeff, and Jillian, son-in-law, Clay, and grandson, Ian.