Jack “Goldie” Goldstein

As trainer or the American Gears professional basketball team, Jack Goldie had a foot . :… – guaranteeing that their team would have a cab ride home after the game. He would tear a ten du when the cab driver arrived at the game, telling him that he would get the other half when he renirn – them up after the game. It never failed! Besides being a trainer for the American Gears, \vhtire responsible for the physical conditioning of George Mikan, Stan Patrick, and Dick Triptow, Jack was also :iarr for the Chicago Bears during their summer training camps in 1941, 42, and 43 until the regular trainer. Lotshaw, was finished with his duties as trainer for the Chicago Cubs. Besides having been the “dapper – dan” of professional trainers, Jack Goldie also worked as a softball urnpn as umpire – in – chief of the Windy City League and called ball and strikes for the National Girls Professional League and the North Currency circuit. As stated in The Dynasty That Never Was, Jack Goldie was “a great guy to have around.” Jack Goldie is deceased.