Irv Porter

Before becoming an umpire and a softball writer, Irv Porter was a softball player for eighteen years, starting his playing days in the 1960s. Indeed, Porter has played in nine World Tournaments. He recently completed his nineteenth year as an umpire, calling games at seven World Tournaments. Irv Porter’s softball writing career began when W.J. (Mac) McQuarrie, coach and sponsor of McQuarrie’s Catering Women’s Softball team, died in November, 1992. Irv Porter contacted Bill Dwyer of Chicago Metro Softball Magazine about writing an article honoring McQuarrie, a pioneer in the world of women’s softball. His article not only appeared in the next issue of Chicago Metro Softball, but it was also featured in the Illinois USSSA’s tournament guidebook the following year. Chicago Metro Softball Magazine liked Irv Porter’s article so much that they invited him to write an article about umpiring. From that moment on, his byline became a regular feature in the magazine. Although the magazine folded in 1996, Porter was hooked on softball writing, so he did what all dedicated writers do; he started his own publication – Illinois Softball Report in 1997. Illinois Softball Report was the premier softball-reporting source until 2002 when it was converted to a web based magazine. The move to a web based magazine brought numerous benefits to softball reporting. Tournament results could be posted quicker. Color photos and a photo album were added, along with the popular message board that allows players to share softball stories and to get in a few good natured “digs” about other players and teams. Players can also view tournament brackets online so they will always know who they will be playing. Veteran softball players respect Irv Porter for his playing days, his umpiring expertise, and most recently for bringing the exciting game of 16” softball to print and the internet. His expertise has earned Irv Porter numerous awards. He received the Illinois USSSA State Directors Award in 1986, 1991, and 1996; he received the 1990 Illinois USSSA Umpire-In-Chief Award; he received the 1994 Illinois USSSA Distinguished Service Award; the USSSA awarded him the 1996 Dwight Hall “Spark Plug” Award; and the Illinois Softball Report earned the 1999 USSSA Award of Merit.