Henry “Hammering Hank” Kemp

With a career spanning four decades, Hank Kemp, Jr has played with such great players as Dan Dumas, Terrell Jackson, and Streetwater Clifton. He started playing 16” softball in 1949 and quickly moved to play with the Van-Dyces, Kuppenheimer Globe Trotters, and as Kemp states, one of the best teams of all times – the Senators. Kemp’s talent has placed him into national tournaments seven times with three third place finishes to their credit. Kemp was selected to the National All-Star team in 1972. A natural right handed hitter, he played most of his career as a left handed batter because of a cracked right wrist. In 1968 Kemp had over 750 hits, 80 home runs, and drove in over 200 runs. He once hit five homer runs in one game and is one of only two ball player’s to ever hit a ball out of Myerson Playground at 71stand King Drive.

With so many league MVP titles and league All-Star team appearances too numerous to count, Hank Kemp ranks as a ball player for the decades. He credits his success, however, to the other ball players he had played with and against and his brothers. “He owes it all to them.” Hank lives on South Michigan Avenue in Chicago.